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  • USB penguin humidifier

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

    Product number: NO-QE001 (Pink)NO-QE002 (Pink Blue)Water capacity: 220ML (MAX)Spray power: 25- 35ML/HSpray time: regular 4 hoursRated voltage: DC5V 1ARated power: 1.5-2.5WProduct material: plastic, electronic componentsProduct size: 99x 85x 108MMProduct packaging: 85x 85x 110MM  

  • Humidifier Air Cleaner

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

    Product Name: small D humidifier Product No. wt-d1 Material: ABS + PP + silica gel + electronic components Product size 66mm * 66mm * 146mm Net weight / gross weight of the whole case 16KG / 16.8kg Style / color white / Pink / yellow / blue

  • Portable Humidifier

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

    Specification: Material: ABS + PP + Silicone Capacity: 300 ML water tank Size: 151.3 * 78.6 * 78.6mm Color: blue, pink, white, navy blue Power: 3 W Voltage: DC5V Feature: 1. Romantic LED color 2. Continuous humidifier 5 hours timer, Intermittent fog 10 hours timer 3. Beautiful design an excellent item for interior decoration 4.300…

  • Aromatherapy humidifier

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

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  • Retro humidifier

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

    Material: ABSType: Humidifier

  • Mini humidifier

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

    Product name: Mini HumidifierProduct size: 97x94x94mmWater tank capacity: 300MLProduct model: MiniRated voltage: 5V 1A Power supply method :USB

  • Aromatherapy humidifier

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

    Water storage volume: 300mlSpraying amount of mist: 50ml/HProduct size: 75*75*120mmPackage contains: 1. Candlelight humidifier 2. Washing cotton swab*2 3. Instructions for use 4.USB power cord

  • Mini USB Humidifier Atomizer Home Humidifier Refill Onboard Humidifier

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

    Overview: Mini USB humidifier atomization household humidifier water supplement vehicle humidifier Novel design, silent humidification, warm night light, car humidification, USB portable charging, high-quality 260ml mini ultrasonic humidifier. Can be used at home, or as an ideal gift for a friend, etc.Helps you and your family easily relax and relieve stress, purify and humidify the…

  • Cactus humidifier, bear humidifier, cute pet humidifier

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

    Voltage: 5VGear: 3rd gearWattage: 12WCapacity: 300mlPacking list:1 x humidifier1 x USB cable Use nanometer level spray chip to reach skin directly.Continuously improve dry, peeling and greasy skin

  • Vase Humidifier – 5V Glass Colorful

    Estimated delivery between 2022/06/05 - 2022/06/25

    Product Information:Power supply mode: ACFunction: AromatherapyApplicable object: HouseholdApplicable area: 10-20 square metersShape: VaseNoise: 36dB or lessWater tank capacity: 1 liter or lessWater shortage and power failure protection: SupportOperation mode: MechanicalPacking list:humidifier