Car steering wheel lock air bag lock anti-theft lock car lock alarm crescent lock


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Color: Black + Silver
Material: alloy lock body
Distribution key: 2 keys
Type of lock cylinder: all copper lock cylinder
Purpose: anti theft steering wheel lock

Features and advantages
Material: high quality alloy + leather.
When the thief cuts off the lock, the safety gas apron will sound an alarm by honking the car horn.
It is suitable for most steering wheels with thick protective cover.
The angle of locking baffle can be adjusted to make it more suitable for use.
There are anti-wear pads in the contact area to protect the steering wheel from any damage.
‚óŹ it can be folded and placed under the driver’s seat when not in use.
The lock handle is covered with high-quality artificial leather PU leather, which has artificial sewing,
It has a high-end appearance and is also very durable in hot summer.
Three way locking design: the steering wheel is locked on the left side, the right side and the air bag side
To. According to the manufacturing test, it will take more than 45 minutes to cut out all three parts
While the most thieves will give up in 5 minutes. Therefore, for car owners
It’s very safe.

Additional information

Weight 1.68 kg
Dimensions 140 × 140 × 85 cm



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